Sunday, 10 July 2011

Final product

Final product evaluation

I chose to create a first draft of my final design so that I could create one and then change the things that I didn’t like about the draft so that my final design could be even better.

I changed my final design quite a lot compared to my first draft. I decided to add not much colour to go with the theme of “Video Boy” as the character is someone who is dealing with the struggles of life; therefore I used grey, white and black colours for the entire digipack so it would give a dreary/dull feeling.
I chose to make the background for the back and inside cover look like a chalk board so it takes everyone that sees that album back to their school years, and how simple life was back then. The front covers image is very artistic and looks slightly futuristic. Therefore when you look at the front cover it brings the audience into the future, however when you look on the inside and the back of the album it will take the audience back to the past. I chose to include the video boy character on the inside of the album as I didn’t feel my character went with the front cover of my album.
I chose white text so it stood out on the black and grey backgrounds. I also made it look slightly italic so it’s not a standard type of text, but looks different. This also helps it to stand out more. On the front cover I chose a static looking text so that it relates to the title “Video Boy” as static can happen in videos, also it just gives the front cover an interesting look.
I included the barcode and the compact disc logo on the bottom left hand corner of the back of the album. I chose to put these here as in most other album these specific aspects are usually placed around the same area.

However there are some things that i feel i could have done better.  I feel that I should have put much more information onto my digipack. Such as information about the artist and some information about the songs such as running time. As well as this, I feel that my front cover could have been a lot better. It's very plain and there isn't many interesting things going on in the background. Although I do feel that this is a good thing as people may be distracted if there are too many things going on in the the background of the front cover. This could take them away from buying the digipack which is not what I want.

Furthermore, I do feel that by keeping my digipack design quite simple, it is similar to other digipacks. Such as "The Black Keys" digipack.
This is similar to mine as it is quite simple but effective. It only uses a picture and some text on the front cover so that people aren't distracted by anything else. This makes people read who the artist is and also makes them want to pick up the album and take a look at what is inside. 

By using the font I used I feel that it isn't hard to read and yet goes with the theme of the cover and rest of the digipack. "The Black Keys" album uses a similar technique, it's front is easy to read and matches the rest of the cover.

I set myself a date of when my final digipack was to be completed. Therefore I had around 2 weeks to complete my digipack which I stuck to and it gave me a lot of time to make a first draft and then change that first draft to give me my final and finished product and make sure it was to a good enough standard.
I think my product fits well with my target audience of 16-30 year olds and both can relate to the concept of the product which is past and future. Also the product is more mature than my first draft therefore 16-30 can both enjoy the design of the album.

Audience feedback for final product

Aspect of digipack Mark out of 4 (1 being highest, 4 being lowest)

Text type and size 1 2 1 1 2
Ability to read clearly 1 1 1 1 1
Images and backgrounds 2 3 2 1 1
Layout 2 2 2 1 1
Design 2 1 2 1 2
Overall mark 2 2 2 1 1

Print techniques experiments from art lesson

After looking at other designs of Robot boys I decided to design my own. I made the robot very square so that is looked more like a robot than anything else. I added head phones because I felt like this would show that the robot is interested in writing and listening to music. I didn't add any colours to the robot as I didn't feel necessary at this stage. However I would make the robot colourful, to make it eye catching. 

Other ideas

I researched other different kinda of designs for Robot boys. This is one that I found. I feel that this is a good design. However if I were to use this i would change a considerable amount about it. For example; the face is too plain and doesn't show much emotion, therefore I would add detail to the face. Also I dislike the colours of the robot. I would make the robot much more colourful so that it looked a lot more interesting and eye catching.
However I feel the shape and size of the robot is perfect.

Evidence and final product

Evidence and final first draft

Random album cover

Legal Requirements for Album

Trade mark laws state that you must have the album name and the artist name written clearly on the front cover of the artwork, this is to help the audience recognize the type of music it is which helps them determine if they are going to purchase the music. With naming your album, you can use any phase or word, but it has to be written in a way that your audience can understand. Concerning the picture of the album the artist can use any image which is not under any copyright, unless you have permission from the owner. If the designer wants the album cover to contain an image of a person, you must have permission form that person or you can’t use the image.

The information that is included in or on the album is also restricted. The information has to meet a basic standard of including, bands name, song length, total play length, songwriters name and music publisher. You also have to include the BMI or ASCAP name with their logo and address of record label, mail order, website address, email address and credits for producer. With that you have to write the name of the engineers, musicians, art director, and photographer, recording studio, mastering and manufacture. Including all of this information you also have to include the trade mark, compact disc logo and catalog number to keep track of the sales.

Album cover and magazine adverts for album releases analysis

"The Orb" album cover

4X Album covers from lesson

Magazine Cover Evaluation

For my first draft of my magazine cover I didn’t use any personal photography for it as I wanted to get the layout and other parts and how I wanted it to look outlined before I added my own photography. I started off by choosing a font and colour of the mashhead for my magazine, the colour was chosen depending on the main image so that the colours could match together, for my final design the mashhead is a bold red with a bold and slightly grungy font called “STEAK” I found that this font would go well with the genre of the magazine as it was a metal/Indie magazine therefore the grungy style of the font would match with the metal genre. I chose to space everything in the magazine out so that each part would stand out and not be over powered by any other part of the magazine. My final cover has mostly red, white and black colours included in the fonts and boarders as I felt they went well with my own personal photographed main image that was very dark colours but with some hints of orange and red included. The same font was used for the other pieces of text of the cover as, for the same reason; I thought it went well with the chosen genre of my magazine.
I chose to not add to much text and pictures to my cover as I felt it would be too distracting for the audience and I felt that a simple approach with not much included would be ideal for my cover, however there is just enough of the cover to keep it eye catching and interesting. I used different size fonts to help different things look bolder and stand out.
I feel my magazine is suitable for my target audience as it offers interesting combination of two different music genres that mix well together in some cases. Also I feel that my cover will be successful as it has a lot of interesting information on the cover that people will want to read. In addition because the cover is very simple people will want to know what else will be inside the magazine therefore wanting to buy it. I priced my magazine at £2.30 which is slightly higher than the average magazine. However I did this because I would only publish this magazine only once every 6 months therefore meaning there will be a lot included in the magazine and I feel the price should be slightly higher for those reasons. I would like my magazine to be distributed in newsagents so that any kind of person could see and want to buy my magazine not just my target audience.
In conclusion I think I could have probably added one or two more things to the front cover that would really make it stand out and appeal to anyone. However I am happy with my final cover.

Contact sheet for final design

Audience feedback for final design

For the feedback for my final design I feel that it has improved slightly as I was given more of an average score for everything. However I do feel that some aspects could have been improved on further such as the variety of fonts on my magazine cover. Overall I am happy with the outcome.